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what is home.mcafee.com
home.mcafee.com is a homepage for McAfee antivirus which is redirected to https://www.mcafee.com/consumer/en-gb/store/m0/index.html. Where you can see the latest offer given by McAfee for new customers, offers for existing customers, below that we can see McAfee claiming 100% guarantee that it removes viruses from your machine, no doubt its remove all the viruses. Then they give a little glimpse of the world of McAfee, number of users worldwide, what they achieve and their expertise. In next section they give useful information about their product subscription, you can buy the product as per the number of users, where you can save money. Then the main achievements of McAfee what the awards they currently win and believe me the award McAfee won are reputed. Then the rest of things like social connect, product links and so on.

why search home.mcafee.com
people like us amazed by why people searching for home.mcafee.com, after the quick research I came to know, McAfee suggested on its subscription copy and it's McAfee retail card that if you find any difficulty while activation, visit this link to get your McAfee activate. So everyday people are searching for this phrase over the internet to get their McAfee activate.

How home.mcafee.com works
purpose of searching home.mcafee.com can not resolved because, what people are searching for they didn't see it anywhere, which can help them to activate McAfee. following are steps which they need to follow, if they want to resolve the activation issues.

  1. if you check top menu bar on home.mcafee.com page you will see PRODUCTS, RENEWALS, SUPPORT, FREE TRIAL, Buy Now links. you need to click to support tab.
  2. you will be land up to another page, where you can see I need help with: PC, Mac, Mobile or Tablet, Account or Billing. you need to click on option given. there are tabs below on this page launch assistant, Troubleshoot and Repair, Community, Contact Support, TechMaster.
  3. if you click on need help with options like pc or any other you will be on the page of the support guide. where you need to search guide for your problem. if you click on launch assistant, its pop up where you can input your issue and it will display the solutions.

overall all the tech support the person actually expected turned up into learning session because sadly McAfee provides a knowledge base to all the issues customer facing.

If you want to Activate your McAfee Product then click below button.

McAfee Activate Canada – http://www.Mcafee.com/activate
Mcafee.com/activate – http://Mcafee.com/activate
McAfee Com Activate – http://www.Mcafee.com/activate
McAfee Activation Canada – http://www.McAfee.com/activation
McAfee Installation – http://www.Mcafee.com/installation
home.mcafee.com – http://home.mcafee.com