Mcafee Legacy - McAfee Corporate factsheet

About McAfee

McAfee is one of the world’s leading independent cybersecurity companies. Inspired by the power of working together, McAfee creates business and consumer solutions that make the world a safer place for the benefit of all. Our holistic, automated open security platform allows all your disparate products to co-exist, communicate, and share threat intelligence with each other anywhere in the digital landscape. Where machine automation is converged with human intelligence so you can streamline workflows more efficiently. Where your team is freed from unnecessary operational burden and is empowered to strategically fight adversaries. Where you can orchestrate all things security through a single management system. Where all your security products adapt to new threats skillfully and work synergistically to increase protection, and speed up detection and correction—across the entire threat defense lifecycle.


McAfee® customers range from government agencies to millions of home users. Businesses range from the smallest startups to the largest enterprises. Home users buy McAfee technology online and from retail stores around the world, or they get protection through cell phone carriers, Internet service providers (ISPs), their device maker, or other McAfee partners. Most of our corporate customers buy through McAfeeauthorized partners who customize solutions to bring them the right protection for their specific needs delivered as software, appliances, or as a service in the cloud. McAfee’s integrated platform helps our customers achieve optimized security each day, enabling their business while reducing risk, driving compliance, and realizing operational efficiencies.


McAfee secures home PCs, tablets, phones, and connected devices with easy-to-use, effective solutions. Millions of consumers rely on our solutions, which include an online subscription service that keeps protection up to date and provides them with the latest technology. McAfee products shield consumers from identity theft, phishing scams, spyware, malicious websites, and other threats that endanger the online experience.

Small Business

The McAfee portfolio of integrated solutions and services for small business provides always up-to-date protection for desktops, servers, and networks. With a focus on providing Security-as-a-Service, we give small businesses the confidence of having fulltime security expertise without the need to hire IT staff. Our easyto- manage products protect small businesses against a wide array of threats, including malware, spam, and unauthorized network access.


Mid-sized businesses with more than 250 users generally have full-time IT staff but don’t have much time or budget to spend on security. McAfee offers growing businesses smart, simple, and secure solutions that provide better protection and are easy to manage.


Large businesses can optimize their security investments and proactively protect their most important assets with our integrated, automated security platform. The McAfee approach to providing orchestrated security has become the de facto standard for enterprise security, with solutions to protect the entire infrastructure—endpoints, network, web, mobile and embedded devices, and cloud. Our solutions also help enterprises manage risk and meet regulatory, industry, and internal compliance demands more effectively and efficiently. IT professionals use our methodology—from policy creation to protection strategies to compliance reporting—to determine the right level of security for their organizations.


McAfee mobile security solutions safeguard devices such as smartphones, tablets, and corporate networks. Our mobile security offerings enable businesses to securely manage mobile devices and the corporate data on them. We help consumers protect their mobile devices and personal data from theft or loss. We also help mobile operators protect their users and networks against mobile malware.


McAfee Cloud Services Platform addresses the challenges of today’s public, private, and hybrid clouds. Our “Cloud-First” approach ensures that securing the cloud isn’t an afterthought. Our integrated lifecycle defense protects workloads in cloud, in your data center, at endpoints, or in transit. With McAfee you can monitor, segment, and secure the hybrid cloud-to-endpoint workload stack. Our platform leverages cloud-based security services to safeguard users, data, and devices. Unified management, operational efficiencies, and streamlining workflows centralize visibility, comprehension, and control. Our cloud strategy delivers operational excellence, risk mitigation, and business agility and cost reduction.